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12 Actionable Facebook Page Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

12 Actionable Facebook Page Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

12 Actionable Facebook Page Optimization Techniques You Can Use Right Now

Do you want to know facebook page optimization techniques for search engines that really works and generate traffic?  (without any doubts)

We are almost in the mid of 2016 and many businesses are focusing on social media channels to improve their branding this year rather than SEO. This article will teach you unique SEO optimization tips for Facebook.

Why is it so?

Needless to say that there are huge number of crowds on social sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Every business has its own business profile page but we at SNT Infotech as a leading seo company in India, have analyzed many projects and found that they were not optimized as they should be. Today, this article will give you the untapped 12 actionable facebook page optimization tips you can use right now.

Facebook Company Page Optimization Tips

12 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Company Page for Search Engines

In order to improve the conversions or enhance the branding, it is crucial to optimize company facebook page correctly with some best SEO practices. First of all, you must understand that - your facebook business page is the another home page for your online business presence and of course it is the face of the website. Thus, your business profile page must be crystal-clear. Since there are lots of rumors about facebook page optimization in the social media industry and many facebook page optimization tips are available but most of them are not actionable.

This blog will teach you how you can optimize facebook business page in the right way. In this blog, there are some essential and untapped social media strategies for facebook that will help you leverage your facebook page.

Let's uncover the facebook page optimization tips that you can use right now!

Way 1: Create a Business Page

Go to and click on “Create a Page”. You will find this at the extreme bottom of the page.

Way 2: Choose Category Wisely While Creating Page:

Choosing category is vital while setting up your facebook page for company. There are 6 categories you find at that time - they are:

  • Local Business or Place

  • Company, Organisation or Institution

  • Brand or Product

  • Artist, Band or Public Figure

  • Entertainment

  • Cause or Community

Whatever your needs of the business are - you can select category according to it and can start creating page.

Way 3: Read Facebook Page Guidelines Before Creating Pages:

You must go through the facebook page guidelines before creating it. Many business owner do not read these guidelines and face problems.

Way 4: Always Choose Brandable Name

For optimizing facebook business page for SEO, you must use your brandable name in the facebook page. Do not try to optimize your business page for keywords because it is a fundamental idea to use the right name for your business page because once you choose it, it is permanent.

See below - how SNT Infotech has used its business or brand name instead of keywords.

Tip: Never use promotional keyword as your facebook page name to promote your business facebook page. Try to mention your most targeted keyword in the short description of about us section.

Way 5: Customize Your URL

Initially, when you sign up, you are given dynamic URL by default. The best part of the facebook is that you can personalize your facebook page URL very easily.

I will recommend using a short and memorable username that reflects your company name or brand. This worse part is, if you are done with the username then you cannot change it again because it is permanent. So think wisely before deciding username on your facebook business page name.

The below steps to create your custom Facebook URL.

  1. Login to Facebook, with the account that administers your Facebook Page

  2. Go to

  3. You will see in a yellow box, the username for your PERSONAL profile. This is not related to your Page username.

  4. Below, you will see a link that says, “Set a username for you Pages”

  5. Click on that link

  6. A box will appear, and if you have more than one Facebook Page which you administer, you will see a drop down menu with all of your Pages displayed. Pick the desired Page from the list.

  7. If you are eligible for a username, meaning you have at least 25 fans and have not yet set your username, you will see a box that says “Enter Desired Username”

  8. If you select a page that does not have 25 fans, Facebook will tell you that you are not eligible. If you pick a page with already has a username, Facebook will display the current username, which cannot be changed.

  9. Once you enter a username, you can click “Check Availability.” If your desired username is available, you will see a box reminding you that you cannot change your username once it has been set.

Way 6: Pay special attention to the “About” page

"About" page is very important when it comes to optimize facebook page for local searches. You must include your business address, City, State, and Zip code. Google and other major search engines take social networking sites into account while ranking local ranking. It is surprising that there are many companies out there who do not include these information.

Red circle denotes - physical address, phone number, working hours, and company website of the business.

Green circle denotes - short description about the page. It works as the meta description of the page and it will appear in the search results.

Tip: simplify your short description by mentioning what your business is about and how it will be benefited to your customers. In the above example, SNT Infotech has mentioned its short description in a very lucid manner.

Format of the actionable short description in 160 chars may be as:

{Brand name} + is {mention keyword} company in {mention location} specializes in + {mention targeted services}. Call {mention phone number}.

Way 7: Optimize Long Description section under about us page with keywords strategically

Optimize your long description section with keywords strategically because it appears before the visitors when they click on “about” section to know more about your business. So, in my point of view, this section can be used to get more businesses by telling visitors about your business and how it can be beneficial to them.

Way 8: Use Call-to-action button

Thanks to facebook that it has mentioned new feature “call-to-action” in December, 2014. By using this, visitors can interact with you and reach at your official website easily. There are seven types of call to action buttons you can use according to your needs.

See below the list of call-to-action buttons:

Way 9: Facebook Updates Optimization

Whatever you update in facebook under Status section, you must include some catchy image and mention relevant description.

Tip:Always remember that - the first 18 Chars of the update serve as the meta title and descriptions in the SERP. So write meta carefully.

Way 10: Create a backlink for facebook fan page

Always link back to your facebook fan page from other high Domain authority social sites, websites, blogs etc.

Way 11: Change cover page when your business comes with any special discounts, offers, etc

Who does not like discounts and offers? Of course, like us, our customers also like discounts and special offers while they are in the purchasing mood. Be unique in such kind of offers.

Way 12: Boost your posts

Sometimes boosting posts can generate leads that you can’t even think. So, boost your updates, or posts when you are offering a special offer or seasonal discounts. By boosting, you will be able to get more impressions (you post will be visible to more people).

Hope these tips will help you!

Let me now what you think after reading or if any tips to optmize the facebook business page, let us know in the comment box below.


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