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The changing trends in mobile application development

The changing trends in mobile application development

The changing trends in mobile application development

2018 would be the official year for the mobile application developers. There are more than 15+ trends that have to be synchronized with the technology, with what when how to implement it in the app.  Currently Google has the monopoly in this sector followed by social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Today medium and small entrepreneurs are also switching to mobile apps for better customer engagement, branding and direct marketing.

Following are some crucial trends in mobile application development:

1. M- Commerce

If we believe the trend and go by the numbers, apps like Apple Pay and Google wallet along with other online wallets will rule the banking and payment sector. Credit and debit cards are gradually being replaced by these wallets. With wearable devices coming up, Google wallets and associated online wallets would be more in demand.

2 .Wearable devices

Apple watches need no introduction. They are as much in demand as an iPhone today is.  According to IDC, 101.9 million wearable devices were shipped in 2016, up by a strong 29 percent from the 79 million units shipped in 2015. The phone would soon be a centre of network for smart watches, healthcare sensors and display devices like Google glass. Thus, wearable devices would be a significant key player for mobile application development.

3. Location sensing

Location sensing is now a popular demand amongst the smartphone users for multiple reasons. Reasons range from anti-theft to security of the individual. Location sensing is now a popular thing with games as well, thanks to the latest Pokémon game where the location of the player was entangled with artificial intelligence to create such a master piece. Currently to sense out the location, the apps use ultrasonic beacons, imaging, Wi-Fi and geomagnetic. In future, more technologies would emerge like smart lighting that would be involved in location sensing.

4. App streaming

Applications even face the uninstall phase. An application is longer required when its purpose is solved or if its consuming a lot of memory as well as battery. According to a survey conducted by Google, lack of memory is the second reason why people readily uninstall applications. To overcome this issue, app streaming is now a thing where people can stream a certain section of the mobile application without actually downloading it.

There is no denial to the fact that mobile application development would be the thing for 2018 and upcoming years since the dependency on applications for even purchasing a minor thing like detergent is increasing. With such circumstances the developers would have to sync their work with the changing trends to produce applications that are not just applications but have a world built in itself.


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